A wedding is an important occasion in the life of any couple.
At Giffnock South Parish Church we would be glad to welcome any enquiries regarding marriage in our church.

Initial Contacts

Before any date is finalised, contact should be made with the Minister to find out both her and the Church’s availability. The Minister will confirm the date agreed upon with the Church Office and, if required, the Organist. Other arrangements for the wedding and the reception, including the provision of flowers for the Church and the printing of hymn sheets, are your responsibility.

Arrangements for putting flowers into the church should be made with the Church Office and any special requests for music with the Minister, both of whom you should contact well in advance of the wedding.


You are free to choose whichever hymns you like and think might be appropriate. However it is worthwhile choosing hymns that you think the congregation will know. You are responsible for producing the hymn sheets if you wish to use them.

The Minister

The Minister will require to see the couple to discuss the practical details of the marriage some months before the wedding and then to discuss the meaning of Christian Marriage and the details of the Marriage Ceremony before the wedding.
Be sure to make an appointment!

A rehearsal will be held usually the night before the wedding, at which point the couple must bring the marriage schedule. The Church may be viewed prior to the wedding at our 11am Sunday service. Make yourself known to the minister after the service and she will be glad to assist you with your enquiries.

On the day of the wedding, the bridegroom and the best man should arrive at the Church and go to the vestry no later than fifteen minutes before the time of the wedding. The bride should arrive on time, bearing in mind photographers often wish to take photographs at the Church door.

Church Costs

Giffnock South Parish Church kindly asks for a donation towards the heating and lighting of the sanctuary on your wedding day.
There is a fee payable to the organist, should you require their services.


Photographs and videos are permitted during the wedding ceremony in the Church. However, we ask that photographers and videographers are courteous and discreet.


Confetti is permitted outside of the church building, however it must be biodegradable.

Legal Requirements

The Registrar of the District in which the marriage is to take place carries out all legal preliminaries. You should enquire there approximately six weeks prior to the marriage and they will guide you.

The Registrar will issue the Marriage Schedule and this document must be produced on the day at the wedding rehearsal. 

The completed Schedule must be returned to the Registrar’s Office within three days of the marriage. This is something for which you should make arrangements.
The Registrar’s Office is at:

Council HQ,
Eastwood Park,
East Renfrewshire
G46 6UG

0141 577 3008